Still Mountain Tai Chi 

Circle the Moon

Benefits of Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Classes improve balance flexibility, strength, mental focus and overall health.

Tai Chi Classes reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, stiffness, and depression.

Cloud Hands

Tai Chi Warm Ups

Tai Chi Warm Up Exercises

All exercises to be performed slowly while concentrating on breathing and energy flow.

  1. Chinese Drum
  2. Fan Though Back
  3. Cloud Hands
  4. Wash Your Arms

Tai Chi Complex Movements

  1. Stand like Still Mountain
  2. Gentle Breeze Lifts Clouds
  3. Waterfalls Flow Down
  4. Pat the Horse
  5. Part Horse's Mane
  6. Hold the Basket
  7. Ward Off (make a T)
  8. Grasp Bird's Tail
  9. Circle the Moon
  10. Pick the Fruit (put in basket)
  11. Draw Bow
  12. Crane Catches Fish
  13. Play the Pipa
  14. Turn and Capture the Ball
  15. White Crane Spreads Wings
  16. Gentle Breese Turns Lotus (Brush Knee Twist Step) Right Side
  17. Gentle Breese Turns Lotus Left Side
  18. Gentle Breese Turns Lotus Right Side
  19. Open Gate, Step Through
  20. Present Lotus (Step Forward and Punch)
  21. Push Through Mountain
  22. Swing Gate to Front
  23. Cross Wrists
  24. Return to Still Mountain

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Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Classes
Begin your Tai Chi training by learning the basic stance of Still Mountain. Visualize earth's energy rising up to the top of Still Mountain's peak and dashing down magnificent waterfalls to serene mountain lakes.

Basic Tai Chi Classes emphasize stretching and stances that are taught in the first lesson. This is followed by step by step instruction tailored to fit an individual's ability. Classes are designed to improve balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Part the Wild Horse's Mane

Visualizations like "Circle the Moon" or "Part the Wild Horse's Mane" enhance the learner's understanding of this ancient Chinese gentle stretching exercise.

Learn the animal forms of Tai Chi, including crane, monkey, snake and horse. Advance to the next level and experience the Black Tiger Set, and then move on to develop the movements of the Red Dragon.

Practice the art of "Rice Paper Walking" or "White Snake Flicks Tongue" to improve balance and coordination. 

Gentle Breezes Rise Up the Mountain

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White Crane Spreads Its Wings