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Master Instructor George King performs Tai Chi Videos. White Crane, Black Tiger and Red Dragon Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan are offered to students of all ages. Lessons begin with stretching and stepping exercises, leading up to full sets tailored to the level of proficiency of the student or group. Mindfulness and mind-body connection are emphasized, as well as progressive relaxation.

George and Mary Anna King

Still Mountain Tai Chi

Becoming the White Crane

Learning Tai Chi and Qigong can leave you in a relaxed state both mentally and physically.Silence and stillness are your allies. Nothing can shake your calm demeanor as you remain stalwart, centered. Imagine that your strong wings lift you effortlessly skyward and carry you as high and as far as you dare to go.

Begin Tai Chi with simple warm up exercises, then progress to full sets of traditional tai chi chuan.

Still Mountain Tai Chi is dedicated to providing you with classical tai chi, meditation and qigong techniques handed down from the masters. Learn the classic forms of Yang Style Tai Chi, Mindfulness Meditation, and Still Mountain Qigong.

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