Still Mountain Tai Chi 

Benefits of Tai Chi




Stength in legs, hips, ankles, shoulders

Mental focus

Self Defense


Stress related illnesses

Sore, tired muscles

Blood pressure

Stiffness throughout body


You can practice

Tai Chi Chuan

while you are




and laying.

The method is

to use your mind

to circulate

the chi

and find

the feeling.

--Tung Ying Chieh

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Past Workshops:

Salem Playback Theater

Ananda Laurelwood

Salem Community Acupuncture

Kroc Center


Keizer Salem Area Seniors

Sherwood Park Nursing Home

Capital Manor Retirement Center

Pringle Hall Community Center

American Ballet Academy

Woodland Chapel

River Road City Park

This is traditional Tai Chi Chuan. Don't wait. Call 503-871-5850. 

Four S's of Safe Walking

Slow down

Scan surface and space

Sink to lower center of gravity

Step like a cat

About Us:

George and Mary Anna King began their tai chi training over 20 years ago. They practice the traditional Yang style form as brought to the United States by Tai Chi Master T.Y. Pang and also taught by Master Robert Fong. George is certified as a Tai Chi teacher by Master Fong.

Still Mountain Tai Chi was created in December 2013 with first classes the following January at a community fitness center and a senior center in Salem, Oregon.

George and Mary Anna have also taught classes at wellness centers, private businesses, non-profit organizations and retirement and community centers. 

Learn to Meditate

Tai Chi Chuan translated means "grand ultimate fist". It began in China centuries ago when a monk observed the fight to the death between a crane and a snake. He observed the quick circular movements of the snake and powerful thrusts of the crane. He combined them into a set of forms we now call Tai Chi.

Many of today's set of movements derive from animals, such as horse, snake, crane, monkey, rooster, tiger and dragon.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art, healthy exercise, and moving meditation. It can increase strength, balance and mental focus, as well as decrease stress,m pain and disease.

Tai Chi Short Form

Students learn the first 24 movements of the 108 total movements of the long form. 

Five Principles of Tai Chi Chuan:

1. Form

2. Breath

3. Balance

4. Relaxation

5. Connection

George King

Master Instructor George King

New Online Tai Chi Lessons

Enjoy one on one private lessons online in you home. Check the available schedule and sign up at

In-person Tai Chi Classes:

​ Continuing Tai Chi Class 

Wednesday 10:00 -- 11:00 am

Five Classes $45

Woodland Chapel

582 High Street SE, Salem, Oregon

Call 503-871-5850 to register

Covid Vaccinations and Masks Required 

for all classes --  Thank You

Tai Chi for B​etter Balance 

930 Plymouth Drive NE, Keizer, Oregon

10:00 - 11:00 am Thursdays

Five Classes $45

Beginners Welcome!

Tai Chi at Capital Manor  (Resuming February 8, 2022)

1955 Dallas Hwy NW, Salem, Oregon

Residents Only

Tuesday at 2:00 pm

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Welcome to Still Mountain Tai Chi

Still Mountain Tai Chi is dedicated to helping you gain vital tools to help you deal with stress and anxiety of modern life. By taking advantage of our lessons, you will gain balance, strength, energy and mental focus.

Our Services Include:

  • Tai Chi Chuan training as practiced by ancient Chinese masters
  • Movement to help you relax and lower anxiety and stress levels
  • Frequent tips on improving meditation, qigong, and tai chi 
  • Instruction programs tailored to beginner or continuing students
  • Photo Gallery
  • Reviews by students
  • Facebook Page at Still Mountain Tai Chi Salem
  • Tai Chi walking techniques to strengthen legs and prevent falls
  • Demonstration of applications of all Tai Chi techniques
  • Tutorial DVDs available for students
  • Progressive levels of training, including parts one, two and three
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See our photo gallery, blog and reviews on following pages.

White Crane Tai Chi

Learn beginning 24 Form Yang Style Tai Chi by practicing the White Crane Set. Basic Tai Chi stretching, stances and stepping are taught in the first lesson followed by step by step instruction tailored to your ability. Classes are designed to improve balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Begin your Tai Chi training by learning the basic Still Mountain stance and feel the earth's energy rise up to the top of its peak and dash down its waterfalls to the serenity of mountain lakes. Visualizations like "Circle the Moon" and "Gentle Breeze Turns the Lotus" enhance your understanding of this ancient Chinese gentle stretching exercise.

Learn the animal forms of Tai Chi, including the tiger, crane, monkey, snake, eagle, horse, and dragon. Learn the arts of "White Snake Flicks Tongue" and "Embrace Tiger."

Tai Chi breathing adds power to your movements and improves the your life source energy (chi) throughout the body.

Tai Chi at Ananda

Phone 503-871-5850 for more information

Master Teacher George King teaches the traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi's Four R's: Recognize --React--Redirect--Rebound

R​ecognize is the first of the "Four R's". It is also probably the most important "R" because if you can't recognize what is causing an imbalance--either physically or non-physically--you can't defend against it.

In our present day the forces that cause an imbalance to our "Tai Chi State" are hard to identify, especially if the cause of our imbalance is our own reaction. Take our reaction to a siren, for instance. When we hear a siren, our bodies react automatically. And the perfect balance of the Tai Chi State is pushed off kilter.

We must learn to "Recognize" that our reaction to the siren is causing the imbalance and then we must employ the remaining three "R's" to React, Redirect and Rebound. 

Eagle Spread It's Wings

Beginning Tai Chi students enjoy connecting with the universal energy that surrounds us.

What our customers are saying

When I got to tai chi class this morning I was hurting and tight thru my back down thru my legs. It was all I could do to stand and turn. Halfway thru class I thought about leaving but decided to try another set. Within 10 minutes my body loosened up and I was pain free. Thanks so much for the classes. I'll be doing the "stretching exercises" on my own. Have a good weekend.

Eileen S. - November 2021